Monday, 5 November 2012

Stove on TV

The sun shone on the first morning of Inbetween:Dumfries - we have been overwhelmed by the numbers of folk keen to try Dumfries' newest craze....if you ain't Nith Scoping then you ain't living.

Such was the commotion that the ever vigilant ear of local TV heard about things and sent a crew down - check out LookAround on Border TV tonight 6-6.30pm

Hannah explains why it is a good idea to stand in the river
This is what a film maker in D+G really looks like......oor pal John Wallace is working on a film about Inbetween:Dumfries...he came down to film the Nith Scoping action today

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  1. Enjoyed the Nith scoping today with my son.