Tuesday 24 January 2012

Palestines nope Philipines err....

Alternatively, Dumfries could learn from those enlightened souls in Glasgow...

Backstage passes are being made at a secret location

Its expected signed passes could be forged for this high profile event.
Expect them on ebay monday for $$$

Perhaps our sister city across the pond has the right idea??


Chinese whispers

Rumours abound that something is happening on the streets of Dumfries.

Strange images of a man sitting outside a building on fire have been stencilled around the town on pavements and in dark neglected places.
The town is buzzing. Is this some mafia infused extortion plan?

The police have been called.
Have terrorists identified targets to attack in sleepy Dumfropolis?

Should MI5 be alerted?

The pupils of Dumfries and Galloway have some thoughts on the matter.

Could it be health and safety conscious gas installers?

It's a mystery.


Monday 23 January 2012

Your chance to First Foot Dumfries from Outer Space

Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Restaging The Conversation
Chris Helson and Sarah Jackets
The Stove, 96-102 Dumfries High Street,

Friday 27th January 7.30pm and 8.30pm
Saturday 28th January 7.30pm and 8.50pm Duration 10mins

Parents and children of all ages wanted to exit the Mothership for any or all showings. If you would like to take part, please meet outside Shoezone (on the Main Square in Dumfries) 7.20pm and 8.20pm Friday and 7.20pm and 8.20pm Saturday.

For more info email TheStove1@gmail.com

As drouthy neebors neebors meet...

Gin a body meet a body

The keen eyed burghers of Dumfries may have noticed a lot of activity around the Stove this past week as men in bunnets and leopard skin toting ladies bustled around in ever increasing spirals of agitation, armed only with Stanley knives, paint brushes and reams of tracing paper. It's been all hands to the deck as the Stove juggles projectors, aliens, keys, broken windaes all to get ready in time for the Big Burns Supper

Yes, after months of deliberation; eureka moments, several shoogly nailed marriages, shortfalls in monies, no monies, no ideas, awful ideas and finally super, nay super dooper ideas and enough monies to cover our costs, the First Foot show is finally about to kick off.

First out of the traps is 'Windows for Burns Night', a project that transcends time and place and asks contemporary poets to emulate the hard Bard Burns and speak of their own time via the medium of melinex and a permanent marker.

The results of this project, created by venerable Stovies Hugh Bryden and Dave Borthwick, have been a great success with established poets grabbing permanent markers and making free with the odes. Hugh, working with the primary school pupils in and around Dumfries has produced some sublime poems which are displayed throughout Dumfries. The collected works can be seen in the windows of the Robert Burns House museum, the Globe Inn, the Coach & Horses and on mass in the windows of The Stove.   

Poetry is often a respite from the hubbub of daily life, so it was nice to notice in Dumfries today, not hordes of Doonhamers clamouring to read the poems, but a few people pausing to take a few moments out of their shopping experience and the dreich weather, for a contemplative moment or two. 

Naturally some were in too much of a hurry to stop and stare.

Here are some of the treats that await you all between now and the 31st of January*

and finally from one our younger poets, Joanne Hiddleston.

* The poems on the Stove windows will be taken down on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings for the First Foot projections.

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