Tuesday 20 March 2012

The Stove Wins award!!

Edward marshall trust award has been won by two Scottish entries. The Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and The Stove.

The Stoves award is for........
An Interface Designer commission, built around the following design objectives:
· Threshold/Entrance – adding design elements that enhance the quality of crossing the threshold between The Stove and the public space.
· Claiming Space – to extend the ‘influence’ of The Stove out into the public domain
· Make Comfortable – to make the immediate public spaces both inside and outside the Stove building comfortable and inspiring for people to spend time
· Signal Activity – explore ways that designed elements can be used to signal that The Stove is ‘coming to life’ (Example of the difference between real flowers that bloom periodically as opposed to plastic flowers)
· Enhance Artistic Capacity- permanent or demountable additions to the façade that give added scope to the façade for live art events.
We wish to allow the Interface Designer freedom to interrogate the brief through research and development with the overall design team and Creative Steering Group (The Stove + members of the Trust)….however possible outcomes that we have already considered include:
· A movable canopy
· Re-modelling of the entrance to the building (inc flooring externally and externally)
· Adding functionality to the large areas of glazing on the ground floor – eg to include creative display opportunities, lighting, perch seating in the external and internal reveals etc.
· Integrated LED displays and/or external shutters that double as screens for external/back projection projects."