Tuesday 25 June 2013

Pavement Invasion - Stop Motion Short of Back 2 Back Dumfries

Thanks to Oriel Marshall for the stop motion animation, documenting the pavement invasion that was last week's Back 2 Back Dumfries project for Guid Nychburris Day 2013. Music by the Luke Barlow Band - Tetherdown.

Friday 14 June 2013

A wee reminder from those at The Stove

A buzz is growing in and around The Stove as Saturday fast approaches. The weather forecast may be nothing short of typical, but as the team involved continues to expand (welcoming Spring Fling guest artists Denise Zygadlo, Paula McQuiston and Katherine Wheeler) the stovie's can promise an afternoon of hands-on participation and involvement - set to a groovy soundtrack from the new live window display. Grab a brollie and get on down to the High Street on Saturday - and try your hand as a graffiti artist!

Thursday 6 June 2013

Today @ The Stove

Busy Times - momentous times!

An especially big welcome to our Board:
Phil Jones - Chair
Andrew Hunter - Vice Chair
Magnus Smyth - Treasurer
Sheila Adams - Company Secretary
Leah Black
Zoe Blamire
Mike Bonaventura
Belle Doyle
David Smith
Fiona Smyth
Andrew Ward

you guys rock

Wednesday 5 June 2013

Volunteers wanted for Back to Back Dumfries!

The Stove’s next event follows on from the success of last year’s Punkin' the Jubilee - held on Guid Nychburris 2012. This year, we are taking to the Streets of Dumfries with our new project Back to Back Dumfries.

We will be mapping a contemporary identity for Dumfries via a street art themed large scale pavement drawing. Stencils and spray chalk at the ready - we invite you to make your mark on our vision of the town. Stencils are currently in the process of being designed in partnership with local youth group YES (Youth Enquiry Service).

Want to get involved?
We are looking for Stovie volunteers to help out on Guid Nychburris Day for a few hours, to keep the event organised and running smoothly, assisting participants of all ages and forming the face of The Stove - as well as getting down and contributing to what will be a temporary and ephemeral artwork. 

No special arts skills required, just enthusiasm and old clothes. Sound like your thing?
Give us a shout this week at info@thestove.org

Not up for volunteering? 
Come along and mark yourself down on our map, and watch the work grow throughout the afternoon. See you there!

(A wee reminder of how much fun last year's event was!)

Back to Back Dumfries - Saturday 15th June

The Stove Network is taking to the streets for Guid Nychburris day - Saturday 15th June - with a DIY street art event on the Dumfries High Street.

The large scale pavement drawing will map out a contemporary identity for the town, with imagery and stencil designs being developed in partnership with local youth group YES (the Youth Enquiry Service) who this year is celebrating its 20th year.

The work is to be temporary, and made on site - building up over the course of the day. With stencils and spray chalk on hand, The Stove invite aspiring artists of all ages to participate and contribute by making their mark on our map. 

‘Back to Back Dumfries’ will take place between 12pm and 4pm on Saturday 15th June, alongside the rest of the annual festivities taking place this year. 

Join our Facebook event page here