Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Dumfries' Vigilante Custodian

It is important to report the details of a project even when they can be, on the surface anyway, less than positive.
As we walked folk around the town yesterday we were shocked to see that one of Mike Inglis' 'Custodian' installations had been completely removed.
Mike's Custodians are 5 people that he has encountered in his researches, people that the artist has characterised as being folk that 'take care' of the old mediaeval parts of Dumfries - the five were an archivist, an artist, a minister and two members of the Mostly Ghostly group. Mike is interested in the place of 'outsiders' in our society and also identified this group as people who could be regarded as 'different' by the 'general' public and consequently might have their motives treated with suspicion..

Three 'Custodians': Paranormal Investigator, Architectural Theologian and Archivist installed on the wall of the Marie Curie shop on High Street 04.11.12
An 'ordinary looking man' was spotted early on Monday morning with a bucket of water and a wallpaper scraper removing the artworks. No one seems to have any idea who this moral vigilante was - but we can only assume that he took it upon himself to return Dumfries to 'normal' - we trust that he is happy that the status quo is re-established and all sign of invention, hope and respect has been erased.

Marie Curie wall 05.11.12
Mike Inglis is incredibly careful to strike a balance between preparation/consent and the surprise that is necessary for his work to have effect. He had negotioated permission with the shop owner for artworks to be displayed on their wall from now until January. The staff in the shop are as mystified and disappointed as we are.

The remains of 4 months work, discussion and skill....work that burned brightly, but briefly in High St, Dumfries

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  1. This is unbelievable. There is always the chance of random acts of vandalism but this was a planned act of destruction. Such a disappointment. I hope Mike doesn't let it colour his opinion of 'Doonhamers' too much