Thursday 19 December 2013

Creative Dumfries - hell yeah

The is proud to be part of the team behind the bid for Dumfries to be Scotlands Creative Place for 2014 and are pleased to announce that a media toolkit is now available to download from - see below for more details

Creative Scotland’s Creative Place scheme is in its third year. Dumfries is nominated in the largest population category, and is up against Falkirk and Orkney. The judging is on the 29th of January 2014, and we have until then to show just how creative Dumfries can be.

Creative Dumfries is here to stay – whatever decision the judges take in January. People getting involved in creative activity throughout our town is key to the future of Dumfries as a place that support and nourishes its residents. We believe in a Can-Do Dumfries that puts no limits on ambitions and dreams.

Creative Dumfries – Logo
The logo is free to use and available in a variety of formats (available from Please use the Creative Dumfries logo as part of your own activities – e.g. on email headers, printed publicity for your events, social media pages etc. The more people get used to seeing the logo the more it will work for everyone as a sign that Dumfries is a place to watch out for and the more people will come to all of our events, classes, cafes etc.

The Creative Dumfries logo is a marker of that ambition and has been created by one of the town’s leading young designers, Russell Milligan of Brighteye Design & Branding, The arts in Dumfries are something to be proud of and the Creative Dumfries logo is a way of showing that to the rest of the world.