Wednesday 5 December 2012


We are seeking a designer to create innovative design concepts for the way that The Stove:
·      communicates with the people and context around the building
·      integrates external spaces with internal spaces
·      provides for capacity for performance/projection work etc

The designer will consider options such as canopies, location/quality of main entrance, blackout/external projection capacity, external landscaping.

The Stove: First Foot - two day projection project showing films specially commissioned from local artists
The Stove is an artists collective working in Dumfries on public art projects that engage the local population in the future of their town. The Stove is based in a building on the main square of the town centre.
Essential accessibility and general improvements need to be made to the building – this work is being delivered in partnership with Dumfries and Galloway Council. The successful designer will work as part of the overall design team under the direction of The Stove Curatorial Team and the Edward Marshall Trust.

The successful applicant will first undertake a research and development period leading to a concept design.
On acceptance of this initial work, the designer will develop the concept into a fully detailed and costed plan with all statutory permissions. (NB The Stove is a listed building in a conservation area)
£1000 – initial concept development
£3000 – fully detailed plans ready for implementation
(all fees to be inclusive of VAT)
An implementation budget in the region of £50,000 is available for this project.

1.     Expression of interest – to include CV and evidence of relevant work. Apply by email only to  by 11 Jan 2013


Sunday 25 November 2012

Mr Bill Drummond on Film in Dumfries

an EXCLUSIVE from our friends over at The Commonty:

Last week we posted a wee film by John Wallace about his attempts to discover what Bill Drummond said in Dumfries when he performed his lecture 'Why Andy Warhol is Shite' at Greyfriars Church on November 8th as part of The Stove's Inbetween:Dumfries event. Bill Drummond is notoriously camera shy (as John found out) - but today The Commonty received an anonymous package containing film footage of Bill Drummond apparently on the Auld Brig in Dumfries.....there is no explanation with the footage and we can only assume that either Bill was practicing for his performance, or that this was one of his legendary acts of contrariness to give a filmed interview to a stranger (or even one of the things a previous audience had voted that he should do?)

Either which way, we are truly grateful to our anonymous film-maker and present for your pleasure - exclusive footage of Mr Bill Drummond telling us why he believes Andy Warhol is Shite:

Bill Drummond on the Auld Brig in Dumfries in November 2012
More on what Bill Drummond was doing in Dumfries this month - here

Saturday 17 November 2012

What Did Bill Drummond Say in Dumfries?

World renowned contemporary artist Bill Drummond was in Dumfries last week where he presented a performance lecture called 'Why Andy Warhol is Shite'. Eaglesfield film maker John Wallace was there that evening, but was ejected from the venue on Mr Drummond's insistence that his work not be recorded in any way. 

Here is Wallace's film about his attempts to discover what truths Bill Drummond was bestowing upon Doonhamers last Thursday night:

What Did Bill Drummond Say?

Thursday 8 November 2012

Inbetween Symposium Thursday Morning

Highlights of the Inbetween Symposium (Thur Morning) now on flickr

Greyfriars 1

Highlights of Greyfriars 1 now on flickr

Street Shines

Highlights of Street Shines now on flickr  

Nith Scoping

Highlights of Nith Scoping now on flickr

Andy Wightman in Dumfries

Andy Wightman speaking at The Stove now

Inbetween Images

Highlights from Inbetween:Dumfries now on flickr click here to view

TONIGHT - Bill Drummond and the Lost Supper

Even though it sounds like some some of cruise ship dinner band - Bill Drummond and the Lost Supper, in fact, promises to be one of the most extraordinary evening seen in Dumfries....well, ever.

Two halves - the Lost Supper begin proceedings with 4 iconic international contemporaries of Rabbie Burns lead a discussion about erm 'town planning' - but like you've never seen before and there is free food to boot.

Bill Drummond grew up in Newton Stewart before achieving international megastardom in a variety of guises (just google him .....I'm out of time here). Bill presents a one-off performance lecture called 'Why Andy Warhol is Shite' - this is the current state of an essay he has been working on since he was at art school in the early 70's.

6PM - Greyfriars Church, Dumfries (the tall church on Burns Statue Square....where the buses stop at the bottom of High St)


The Stove on Creative Scotland

We've been hugely grateful for all the financial and personal support we have reveived from our country's arts body Creative Scotland - Karen Dick and Sambrooke Scott from CS are attending the Inbetween:Seminar over the next 2 days and yesterday a Showcase feature about the project was published on the Creative Scotland website. Cheers!

Check out the whole thing - here

Wednesday 7 November 2012

TONIGHT - Art Music + Art Fashion!!!


The much anticipated launch of Lisa Gallacher's bespoke garment collection 'TRDM:Dumfries.
The World Premiere of Suzanne Parry John's song-cycle 'Tidemarks'

Schiaparelli Pink Dumfries fabric
  Lisa Gallacher has been working for 4 months with a group of 10 voluntees from the community of Dumfries - members of the group range in age from 15 to 86 years old. The work started with conversations about each persons individual relationship to the town and this then grew into an idea for a 10 bespoke garments. Lisa has designed and printed the fabrics, then designed and made all of the work herself. At tonight's event she will give an illustrated talk about the project and her group will be in attendance wearing the garments they have created together.

Detail of Queensbery Street fabric

Suzanne Parry John
Suzanne Parry John is a young contemporary composer based in Edinburgh. Commissioned by The Stove to produce an original piece of music for Inbetween:Dumfries, Suzy turned to the River Nith as a starting point and happened upon the poems of Hugh McMillan. She made contact with the poet and the pair have worked together on this original song-cycle inspired by the Nith and called Tidemarks.

A fragment of Suzanne Parry John's score for Tidemarks

Andy Wightman is in Town

We at The Stove are feeling a bit like all our Christmasses have come at once - so many of our favourite people are in sees the arrival of Andy Wightman!

Many of you will know Andy as 'Scotland's foremost land rights campaigner' - but he is so much more that than - a genuine polymath Mr Wightman is one of most inspirational speakers on the subject of how everyone can change the world by getting involved in the places that are important to them.

Most recently Andy Wightman showed up in Anthony Baxter's documentary about Donald Trump's controversial golf course in Aberdeen - 'You've Been Trumped'

Andy will be speaking on the 'Political Geography of Scotland's Commons' on Friday at The Stove

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Inbetween:Dumfries on TV

Here is the item broadcast on Border TV's LookAround programme on Monday 5th November:

Click here for Video

Dumfries Music Conference 2012

A big thank you to everyone who attended the Dumfries Music Conference making it a huge success. Thanks also to Musicplus and DMC guest speakers Graeme Reedie, Ally Gray, Harvey McKay, Tony Andrews and Greg Wilson. For more images please click here and look out for video content in the coming weeks.

Beautiful Losers - TONIGHT

the names of the artists featured in Beautiful Losers - many of them now well-known
Tonight in Dumfries you can see a rare screening of Aaron Rose's classic streetart movie 'Beautiful Losers'. This is a documentary following a group of diverse DIY artists that rejected the conventions of a traditional art career and started working on the street and giving their work to the public for free - in the spirit of open dialogue

Still from Beautiful Losers
Beautiful Losers is screening at the Robert Burns Centre Fim Theatre at 6pm tonight and will be introduced by Mike Inglis - Inglis is one of Scotlands leading Streetartists and is currently working in Dumfries as part of Inbetween:Dumfries
Booking 01387 264808
more details from the cinema

Dumfries' Vigilante Custodian

It is important to report the details of a project even when they can be, on the surface anyway, less than positive.
As we walked folk around the town yesterday we were shocked to see that one of Mike Inglis' 'Custodian' installations had been completely removed.
Mike's Custodians are 5 people that he has encountered in his researches, people that the artist has characterised as being folk that 'take care' of the old mediaeval parts of Dumfries - the five were an archivist, an artist, a minister and two members of the Mostly Ghostly group. Mike is interested in the place of 'outsiders' in our society and also identified this group as people who could be regarded as 'different' by the 'general' public and consequently might have their motives treated with suspicion..

Three 'Custodians': Paranormal Investigator, Architectural Theologian and Archivist installed on the wall of the Marie Curie shop on High Street 04.11.12
An 'ordinary looking man' was spotted early on Monday morning with a bucket of water and a wallpaper scraper removing the artworks. No one seems to have any idea who this moral vigilante was - but we can only assume that he took it upon himself to return Dumfries to 'normal' - we trust that he is happy that the status quo is re-established and all sign of invention, hope and respect has been erased.

Marie Curie wall 05.11.12
Mike Inglis is incredibly careful to strike a balance between preparation/consent and the surprise that is necessary for his work to have effect. He had negotioated permission with the shop owner for artworks to be displayed on their wall from now until January. The staff in the shop are as mystified and disappointed as we are.

The remains of 4 months work, discussion and that burned brightly, but briefly in High St, Dumfries

Monday 5 November 2012

Stove on TV

The sun shone on the first morning of Inbetween:Dumfries - we have been overwhelmed by the numbers of folk keen to try Dumfries' newest craze....if you ain't Nith Scoping then you ain't living.

Such was the commotion that the ever vigilant ear of local TV heard about things and sent a crew down - check out LookAround on Border TV tonight 6-6.30pm

Hannah explains why it is a good idea to stand in the river
This is what a film maker in D+G really looks like......oor pal John Wallace is working on a film about Inbetween:Dumfries...he came down to film the Nith Scoping action today

Inbetween:Dumfries is is the start of Nith Scoping

Nith Scoping has begun TODAY.....get yourself down to the Nith and encounter the river as you never have before:

You can find Nith Scoping on the Whitesands (opposite the bottom of Bank St)

Time and more details here

The Nith Scoping vehicle - u can't miss it
Fitting the Nith Scoping equipment
Artist Hannah Brackston and three Nith Scopes in their cases

Sunday 4 November 2012

The Nith Newspaper

Look out for copies of Hannah Brackston's newspaper all about the Nith - free copies will be available in many public locations around town.....if you can't find one then come to The Stove...we have lots

The Custodians have arrived

Mike Inglis pasted up his Devotional Shrines around the mediaeval centre of Dumfries today - these are based on real people Mike has met in the area, all of whom are concerned with protecting the spirit of Dumfries for future generations:

Globe Vennel
Vennel off High Street

The Artist's Eye 6

This is the sixth in a series of pictures by Mike Inglis from his research in Dumfropolis - XL Stove T-Shirt to anyone who spots all the places (comment with your name below before anyone else) and the connections in Mike's work around the'll have to wait for November 5th for that bit though.

to see the whole set - click the 'Mike Inglis' label on the contents menu - top right

Saturday 3 November 2012

First Arrivals 2

Mike Inglis arrived in town today and set up his first Shrine - the Witches Shrine is inspired by the nine women who were killed as witches on a single day on the Whitesands in 1659. You can find this piece of work in a shop window on Queens Street (downloadable map here)

some sneak previews:

And this is Mike unwrapping his second shrine....but you'll have to wait till tomorrow for more:

First Arrivals 1

Hannah Brackston's newspaper is hitting the streets of Dumfries contains 12 pages of information and musings about the River Nith and its relationship to the town:

Pages 2+3
We found our copy at The Stove - but rumour has it they are can be got in many different places around Dumfries....go search yours out

Friday 2 November 2012

The Artist's Eye 5

This is the fifth in a series of pictures by Mike Inglis from his research in Dumfropolis - XL Stove T-Shirt to anyone who spots all the places (comment with your name below before anyone else) and the connections in Mike's work around the'll have to wait for November 5th for that bit though.

to see the whole set - click the 'Mike Inglis' label on the contents menu - top right

Another Artists Eye

Regular readers will have been pondering the imponderable connections in Mike Inglis' mind that links all his collected images from Dumfries - (see The Artists Eye).....but below are couple of research images from the Queen of the South captured by Marion Preez....any clues?