Monday 21 May 2012

20 things to do in your High Street

Julian Dobson's slideshow of '20 things to do in your High Street without Shopping' is here. Julian also runs the Urban Pollinators blog....always worth a look

Thursday 10 May 2012

Punkin' the Jubilee

For the next happening at The Stove we will be joining in with Dumfries’ Guid Nychburris on Saturday 16th June. Using DIY fashion and music by turning 100 High St into a 100 club with T-Shirt printing factory and music venue.
The populous of Dumfropolis will be invited to come in and pick from a set of one-off designs – print their own t-shirt, customise it and wear it to a gig in the square outside.
We are committed to the idea of this as something that is fast and dirty in the way it comes together and are looking for a team of anarchic-spirited folk, to be part of it in a number of ways:
1. Make a zeitgeist design to mark the Jubilee (the jubilee of whatever, is up to you)….what we are looking for are one colour designs that can be screen printed onto t-shirts/badges etc (see technical details below)
2. Come along to a free screenprinting workshop with DIY screen printing expert Geraldine Greene
3. Help out on 16th June at The Stove  Factory Shop– screenprinting, badgemaking, Polaroid making, or as a roadie 

example of a 'one colour' image

·      One Colour (see examples above)
·      Printable at A4 size (resolution 300dpi….
·      Submit to (subject line: ‘Jubilee Images’) by 28th May

·      Afternoon of 9th June at Gracefield
·      Free but numbers limited – booking and more details via (subject line: ‘Jubilee Workshop’)

·      Drop us an email at (subject line: ‘Jubilee Factory’or comment on this post and we’ll sort out a time for us all to meet up and make a plan.