Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Grand Unveiling of a Charter in Process....your invitation

Revealed in the streets as only The Stove Network can
.......@ Guid Nychburris

'just add water'
12.30pm on Saturday 21st June

The artists of The Stove Network have challenged the town to create a ‘peoples charter’ for the future of Dumfries.  The 1395 Royal Charter for the Burgh of Dumfries, is read out each year as part of Guid Nychburris (Good Neighbours) Festival – this year there will be an alternative version as well….

The Dumfries Charter 14 is made up of contributions from individuals and community groups and begins with the premise that people are responsible for making their place – and they do not need to ask anyone’s permission other than their fellow citizens.
Dumfries Charter 14 near the town fountain on the High Street immediately after the crowning of the Queen of the South at 12.30pm on Saturday 21st June

You're invited to come and be part of it - see you there!

It is all too common for people to think that ‘someone else is in charge’ of what happens here – we hope this new people's Charter will inspire more people to believe that we all have a part to play in making Dumfries the best place for everyone to live, work and play
From enterprise and opportunity to diversity and bus srevices, ‘Dumfries is something that we all make together’ has sparked conversation and debate as suggestions towards a new charter have flown in. 
'We were delighted to be approached to contribute to the new charter. We exist to give a voice to people who do not always feel included and we feel very proud to be part of a charter which reflects local people’s commitment to increase understanding and promote equality'  Dumfries and Galloway Multicultural Association

Dumfries Charter 14 will be launched on the High Street on a series of giant canvas banners – the text on the banners requires the application of water to make it visible – Stove members will be inviting members of the public to assist them in ‘applying’ the water and revealing the Charter to the world.

Also people will be invited to edit, stamp, sign and seal their own personal version of the Charter to take away with them and members of The Stove team will be there to help and talk. Proceedings will also be helped along by the visit of a mystery guest from history who has already played a part in social movements in Scotland.
 Background - here

and on Stove Facebook - here 

This is The Stove Network's third year at Guid Nychburris:
2012 - Punkin' the Jubilee
2013 - Back2Back Dumfries 

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