Thursday, 12 January 2012

smoke and risk

Some of the matters occupying The Stove project team for the last month:

    plotting a bank break-in but being given the keys
    syncing video across more than 20 devices
    hiring a squad of chainsaw wielding doozers
    reminiscing over 80s rock stadiums
    'grown-up' discussions on smoke and risk
    fish and flowering baskets
    what to do with a lifetime supply of tracing paper?

  • Stove Curatorial Group - Matt Baker, Mark MacLachlan, Will Marshall, Colin Tennant, Linda Mallett
  • Technical Production - Dine Airley with Ailsa Watson, John Wallace
  • Catering design and production - Colin and Angela Green
  • Music - Lesley Rankine, Wendy Stewart and the Moniaive Folk Festival
  • With thanks to - Volunteers from The Stove, Provident Personal Credit

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